Installation, 2016

(video, sound, used plastic bags, old bamboo and old kimonos)

for House 2 of Studio Kura, Itohsima, Japan


The work was developped during the 5 weeks artist in residence stay at Studio Kura, Itohsima-Shi, Prefecture Fukuoka, Japan

exclusively for this location



In-between – cultures
In-between – inside & outside
In-between – reality & perception
In-between – tradition and modern life
In-between – natural & anthropogen


In-between – as a negative space,
             in a postive sense of emptiness in-between things,
             to give place for thinking & creating own thoughts

             and ideas ...

The essence of Japanese aesthetic is Ma - a complex concept about this interval which gives shape to the whole – in space and in time, about the space „in-between“ and the importance of „the void“ between things ...
In the Western world there is neither adequate word nor term for this.


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